Four Men and a Shed Counoise Carignan Six

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Unusually crisp, light red - perfect for a long lazy lunch!

    • If you like a young, light red, or a dry Rose, you really should try this unique little gem. It goes fabulously well with food (hello long lazy lunch!) and is lower in alcohol than your typical Aussie reds.

    • Inside the clear glass bottle lies a young, frisky red with the scent of a red berry tart, dusted with allspice. It’s so unlike other reds — crisp and refreshing, light, juicy and full of fun, with just the merest hint of tannin. Think Pinot Noir but lighter, more zippy.

    • Not only an exciting new wine, this is a clever example of a grower future-proofing his vineyard and collaborating with a top winemaker to weave cutting edge wine magic. Try it!

What's in the case…

Four Men and a Shed Counoise Carignan 2020

by Stuart Bourne

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