Save up to 50% every time you order when you become a Naked Angel

Our Angels support independent winemakers by investing $40 a month into their Naked Wines account, to spend whenever they want - in return for discounts, freebies, exclusive wines and more.

What you'll get as an Angel…

1. Save up to 50% off every time you buy

2. Free bottle every month when you order a case

3. Access to Angel Exclusive wines

4. Invites to exclusive tastings

To reassure you… there are no tie-ins or membership fees. You can spend the money on any of our wines, whenever you want - or get it back if you change your mind.

What do our customers think?

"Drinking good wine is enough pleasure in itself, but having a sense of relationship with the winemakers, that is beyond the purely commercial, adds something else to the experience."

Peter Batty, Angel