Kollectiv Orange Chardonnay 2018

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by Drew Tuckwell

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Chardonnay with a big-barrel difference

    • You’re going to love Drew’s pristine fruit-driven chardonnay from the beautiful cool-climate region of Orange in the Central Ranges, NSW. This single-vineyard masterpiece is crafted from fruit grown on 20 year old vines - it’s sure to hit the spot!

    • Fermentation and maturation in a massive 3,000 litre French oak Foudre barrel gives it superb complexity - the average size barrel  is around 300L. The subtle combining of fruit characters with maturation in this large format barrel has created a wine with a sensational difference - freshness, intensity, complex fruit profiles and a textural tension that is often difficult to capture! Yum!

    • You’ll be enchanted by the aromas of fresh green apples, crisp pears and hints of grapefruit. This incredible Orange region chardonnay was made in tiny amounts. Only 320 cases in existence. Don't miss out on your chance to snaffle a few bottles.

Ageing advice
I think this wine has the capacity to evolve over a decade but we will all have to wait together as this is only the second vintage.

Serving advice
Don't drink in too warm - 12=15oC max. Straight out of the fridge is too cold. If you have a decanter or a jug, empty wine bottle, aeration will allow greater expression of the fruit and texture.

Local food match
In Summer - salads, seafood. Winter - creamy pasta.

Map of the Vineyard