The Victorian Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

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by Sam Plunkett

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The Victorian Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Sam's deliciously decadent Cabernet

    • This is a full bodied and ripe red wine with some grippy tannins typical of Cabernet. An impressive wine that is well balanced in a sophisticated way, not in an overblown way.
    • This wine is quite intensely perfumed and for Sam, lot's of flavour is an indicator of high quality.
    • Think Blackcurrant with some menthol and eucalyptus notes. Chocolaty oak is also evident on the nose. This wine is quite simply a cracker!

Ageing advice
I'm enjoying drinking this wine now, but know it has the good intensity of flavour, and enough powdery tannin to let it live and evolve for over 3-5 years. If you put wine away, this is one you could hide for few years to let more savoury and complex flavours develop.

Serving advice
A couple of degrees either side of 16C, and this Cabernet will be at its best.

Local food match
Great with steak or lamb.

Map of the Vineyard