Made by Mobbs Below 600 Central Ranges Chardonnay 2016

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by Steve Mobbs

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Artistic flare gives a modern twist!

    • This cracking Sweet Spot white gives Chardonnay a modern twist, purposefully crafted to appeal to those who might usually avoid the varietal. It's light mouth feel is softly textured and fruit forward.
    • Each sip will take your on a flavour journey - think citrus and melon, with a bouquet of aromas to match! Using only a touch of oak treatment has ensured this Chardonnay steers clear of the old buttery style.
    • Steve purposefully left the grapes on vine for longer to build up the right flavour balance, locking in an undeniably moreish experience that will leave any white lover thrilled! Central Ranges has only been a certified wine region for around a decade, prior to that it lesser known and continues to supply a perfect cooler climate fruit element to many Hunter Valley wines. Jump on it today!

Ageing advice
Very much a drink now style Chardonnay.

Serving advice
Chill lightly, twist and go!

Local food match
Creamy free range chicken and leek pie - home made all the way!