Sam Plunkett The Butterfly Effect Rosé 2016

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by Sam Plunkett

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of 726
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Wiley Rooster Hunter Rosé 2018

A summer time Angel favourite!

    • It's that time of year again - a new vintage delivery of Sam's classic Rosé has landed just for Angels..hooray! It has a lovely pale pink colour and aromas of red apples with a delicate floral lift. On the palate there is a light suggestion of sweetness, while fresh acid kicks in to give a balanced, fresh and zippy finish.
    • Sam has sourced the Shiraz, Zinfandel and hint of Gewürztraminer grapes in this blend from the elevated and cool climate vineyards of the Strathbogie Ranges. They tend to grow fruit with strong fruit flavour, which also goes some way to explaining the pretty perfumes that accompany each scrumptious sip.
    • Perfect to chill down and share with friends on a hot summer night, this is the perfect summer stock-up Rosé at under $9 for Angels! Don't miss a little slice of Sam's winemaking brilliance in your next basket. You'll see why thousands of people have rated this as a no brainer buy-again wine before!

Ageing advice
If you're like Sam and enjoy fresh, young Rosé, then this is perfect to enjoy over the next 12 months.

Serving advice
This is the ideal summer drink, and it can be chilled right down. At risk of sounding a little unsophisticated, Sam's household will put in a couple of ice cubes to keep it cool and lower the alcohol as the ice melts. Any way you like is right!

Local food match
This off-dry rose is a good match with fruit based appetisers, things like melon and prosciutto. This is the sort of wine you can sit in the sun and enjoy with whatever nibble is handy, or no food at all.

Map of the Vineyard