Heresy Mornington Pinot G 2016

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by Kevin McCarthy

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Heresy Mornington Pinot G 2017

Direct from the Pinot G king!

    • Pinot G is a sensuous, mouth-watering experience. The cool maritime conditions of the Mornington Peninsula paradoxically produce this opulent style, particularly on the higher red volcanic soils.
    • The nose has an alluring aroma of perfectly ripe white pear, voluptuous and generous 'till the bottom of your glass. This is a Gris with 'Gras'; the silky, velvet mouthfeel the French are known for attaining.
    • Whilst being dry, it has weight and significant textural mouthfeel. The delicious ripe pear flavour is enhanced by a particular salty savouriness. This adds a fascinating dimension to the wine.

Ageing advice
Will age beautifully but why would you.

Serving advice
No breathing required, just twist and enjoy.

Local food match
The more decadent the better; crayfish, abalone or perfect with sashimi.

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