• Andrew's dreamy Hunter Chardonnay is back! A delicious dry white, it has enticing melon and white peach aromas and a bright core of fruit complimented by high quality vanillin oak.
  • The vineyard this wine is from faces due East and on a slope 200m above sea level. Easterly oceanic breezes cool the vineyard during the day, while in the evening the sun sets behind the mountains to the west, cooling it again. The climate combined with some inventive winemaking has maximised both palate and aromatic layers for your enjoyment - yum!
  • Each mouthful is refreshing with a long finish that makes this an exciting wine to match with food. Angels are ensured serious bang for buck, and its also fantastic on its own to get the party started.

Map of the Vineyard

Ageing advice
Safe to cellar for 3-5 years, but as always check in regularly on a bottle to ensure that you enjoy it when you love it!

Serving advice
Often and with good friends! Chilled but not ice cold, leave the cap off if intending to share the whole bottle to allow the wine to keep evolving during the session.

Local food match
Roast chicken that has had the skin stuffed with Pepe Saya butter and fresh, chopped, parsley.