Andevine Hilltops Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

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by Andrew Leembruggen

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Andevine Hilltops Cabernet 2018

A new delight from the Hilltops region!

    • A brand new varietal under the Andevine label brought to you by Andrew Leembruggen of the Hunter Valley in NSW.
    • This Cabernet has velvety blackcurrant fruits with hints of chocolate and spice. It's well matched with rich casseroles or roasted vegetarian dishes.
    • The wine is from Hilltops, which is a little known region of immense pedigree... Situated in the Murray-Darling Basin, a cool climate region fast gaining recognition as a consistent producer of ultra top end wine and this Cabernet is a fine example. Impressed? You should be!

Ageing advice
Drink now to 2017

Serving advice
Serve at 18-20°C. Open/Decant 30 mins before serving

Local food match
Rich, flavoursome dishes.