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Winemaker who believes the most important part of winemaking is the soil the grapes are grown in

    • The first ever RT by Randal Tomich wines to get exclusively Naked are his delicate Pinot Noir and crisp, moreish Chardonnay, both grown on the Adelaide Hills vineyard his family has farmed for three generations. Hand picked, boutique quantities...all thanks to Angel backing!
    • Randal's passion is clear - home is where the heart is. He approaches each of his pristine single vineyard wines "with a love and understanding of the land, treading softly and farming sustainably to create balance and harmony in life."
    • Randal's father spent a life time learning hard earned secrets of soil quality - the ultimate key to premium winemaking. Randal hasn't just followed in his father's inventive footsteps, he's taken it to a new level! He's invented genius equipment and techniques promote the vineyard's health, achieving a 60% saving in both fuel costs and time.

Map of the Vineyard

Meet Randal.


Angels, sometimes it's simply in your blood! When something seems as natural as breathing, so natural it seems to have been passed down through the family. This may go some way to explain Randal Tomich's fascination with all things soil, grapes and wine.

His father John, born and bred near Mildura, passed on all his hard-won knowledge over the years to his son on exactly what is required for super-premium grape growing. Randal took his Dad's teachings to heart..and beyond!

Inspired by the fact that "great wines begin in the vineyard" Randal has spent the last twenty years inventing, creating and promoting genius ways to get the best out of mother nature's soil. He is now internationally acknowledged as a leading advocate for sustainable vineyard development.

Yep! He's helped plant some of the best vineyards in Australia for some of the biggest names in the biz. And closer to home, his hands-on revolutionary farming techniques have directly contributed to 60% savings on time and fuel at the pristine Tomich family Adelaide Hills vineyards.

If there was one thing missing from Randal's incredible career, it was the pure pleasure he derived from making delicious wine from his own family vineyard grapes and seeing the enjoyment they brought to winelovers.

"I derive some of the greatest joy from our vineyards and the fine wine they produce." - Randal Tomich

We all know it's one thing to make great wine and another thing entirely to let people know it exists!

Cue... Naked Wines and you, Angels! Because of your loyal support Randal is now able to show you his skills as a winegrower and a winemaker with his new range; RT by Randal Tomich.

Prepare to be bowled over by the luscious complexity of flavours in his cool-climate treats, all crafted with oodles of TLC exclusively for Naked.

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