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Father (viticulturist) and daughter (winemaker) team up to produce single vineyard estate wines from the Waipara in New Zealand

    • Meet Nicky and Peter... Nicky is the winemaker and Peter is the grower. They are father and daughter and combined have 49 years experience in the wine industry.
    • Making wine from the Waipara Valley, situated in North Canterbury on the South Island of NZ. Nicky's winemaking passion is Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
    • For 10 years they grew grapes for the best producers in New Zealand (Pegasus Bay etc), but 5 years ago they put their own name on the grapes when the vines hit their peak. Naked Angels are helping Nicky and Peter continue their Dunnolly dream for the wine industry.

Map of the Vineyard

Nicky's story


Nicky Parish has been making wines for 12 years & Peter Parish has been growing grapes for over 15 years. The family always wanted to grow grapes and make wine with the ultimate desire to make single vineyard wines from an exceptional site.

Growing up in New Zealand, Nicky spent three years working for Mission Estate Winery in Hawkes Bay before travelling the world working in Oregon, Canada and Languedoc in France. Now residing in Marlborough with her partner and Dog Flynn, Nicky is able to focus on enhancing her Pinot Noir winemaking skills and infatuation.

What does Nicky love about her job? Every season is so different so she is constantly learning. It is very dynamic and exciting for her and being able to hold a bottle of wine that Nicky has made is very rewarding.

The Dunnolly wines are special because they are from a unique site in the Waipara. The Parish's are very meticulous and have allowed their vineyard to become healthy and balanced, therefore making her role so much easier as all the characteristic's and components you see in the glass are from the vineyard. The fruit quality is a winemaker's dream.

Dunnolly Vineyard has received awards from NZ International wine shows, but the ultimate reward is from you, the Angels. The funding helps to continue the Dunnolly dream for the wine industry!

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