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Luke is the winemaker for you if you want wines with a few years age!

    • Angels have come to the rescue of Luke who had to take on the role of both Chief Winemaker and CEO after the sudden death of his father - Coonawarra winemaking Icon Patrick Tocaciu.
    • Luke's passion is the regions of Coonawarra and Wrattonbully with the aim of releasing wines when they are drinking at their peak.
    • He has won numerous awards over his winemaking career including 7 trophies and dozens of phenomenal Halliday results.

Meet Luke Tocaciu


Born and raised in Coonawarra, his favorite varieties are Riesling and Cabernet. In fact, Luke has won 7 trophies for his Riesling, numerous medals, dozens of phenomenal Halliday results, Winestate Magazine features and oh so many more...!

Luke's love for wine and winemaking started with simple jobs like turning pumps on and off and pruning vineyards to earn a bit of extra cash at his families vineyard and winery "Patrick of Coonawarra", soon enough the lifestyle got him and he fell in love.

After blitzing it at the University of Adelaide and 2007 he jumped at the opportunity to travel with his passion of winemaking, making vintages in Clare Valley, Coonawarra, Barossa Valley and Sonoma (USA).

Luke returned to his families business after his fathers passing and took over, he has been making wines ever since.

Luke isn't just the winemaker at the winery he is also the company director meaning when he doesn't have his hands in grapes he has his nose in books ensuring everything on the finance front is okay. Naked Angels are helping Luke by giving him that extra assurance that he can keep making the wine he loves and we will support him!

Luke is picture perfect for Naked Wines. When he makes wine he believes that it should represent the place it was grown, the climate and season, all the different challenges that were faced that vintage and also be able to represent parts of the winemakers personality.

The Naked Wines concept caught Lukes eye because one of his favorite things about making wine is hearing what people think, especially when they know who the winemaker is. Naked Wines is going to allow our Angels and Luke to have first hand conversations about the wine.

It doesn't get much better than Luke Tocaciu!

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