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Naked's inaugural Queensland team, taking artisan winemaking to the next level!

    • In 2012 Glen, a former research scientist, met Andrew, a hospitality guru and head restaurant Sommelier, at a wine tasting. They've been crafting (and arguing about) wine together ever since. In 2014, they stumbled upon derelict Mary's vineyard, 10 picturesque hectares of Shiraz and Viognier vines in Queensland's Granite Belt. Together they have nursed the vines back to health using organic practices, elbow-grease and TLC.
    • Their exclusive 'La Petite Mort' label might seem a little macabre, but if you seek the true meaning of the phrase, you'll find that nothing could be further from the truth! It's about enjoyment- letting go of restraints and revelling in something new and maybe a little titillating! The boys take pride in crafting each wine to tell it's own regional story.
    • As small producers from a small region, the Naked model gives the team the opportunity to propel the region's wines onto the national stage. Despite almost a century of winemaking history, Queensland produces less than 1% of Australia's wine. So, with the backing of wonderful Angels, it's high time we shout about these incredibly boutique wines!

Map of the Vineyard

Meet Glen Robert and Andrew Scott.

In 2016 Queensland wine was finally beginning to stand up and get noticed, despite almost a century of wine history! Given the Granite Belt produces less than 1% of the nation's wine, it's high time we make a fuss about these boutique wines!

So, what do you get when a former research scientist and a head Sommelier re-vitalise a historic vineyard together? Artisan wines of deliberate unique character, each made to tell its own story.

At first glance 'La Petite Mort' might look a little macabre, but if you seek the true meaning of the phrase, you'll find that nothing could be further from the truth! It's about enjoyment - letting go of restraints and revelling in something new and maybe a little titillating!

The La Petite Mort philosophy is all about minimum filtering and finishing so that the essence of the experiment can shine through. With each berry picked and processed by hand, Glen and Andrew only create small batches (last year's vintage sold out, so get in quick!). These truly artisan wines might be a little bit different than what you're used to and may not agree with what the textbook says, but life gets boring if you always colour inside the lines!

With his scientific background, Glen has a penchant for experimentation. Every vintage the boys put aside parcels of grapes here and there and do something interesting with them. From fermenting in terracotta amphora to partially drying the grapes, to leaving the skins in the wine for way longer than usual. It's wise to expect the unexpected from this team!

Glen gained his qualification from Charles Sturt University in 2005. He has completed more than fifteen vintages, passed the first year of the prestigious Master of Wine qualification and more recently developed a borderline obsession with Tempranillo.

Andrew joined the Bent Road adventure during 2012 as a 'weekend warrior', getting his hands dirty and connecting the dots between grapes and wine. Eventually he came on board as assistant winemaker for the 2014 vintage. Studying Wine Science at Charles Sturt and the WSET Diploma in Wine and Spirits has led him to become increasingly enamoured with orange wine (white wines fermented with skins left in, like red wines).

The third and most crucial team member: Mary's vineyard! The 10 picturesque hectares lie in the southern extreme of Queensland's Granite Belt GI region and have been nursed back to health organically over the last few years.

The approach in the winery is a balance of clean, modern winemaking but with as little polishing as possible. The wines are fined and filtered lightly, if at all, using natural non-animal products (read: vegan friendly)! The duo are now in the final stages of restoring a wonderful 115-year-old church that was recently transported onto the property (moving buildings on trucks is a thing in Queensland). This will become the official winery tasting room!

"For us, as wine lovers, Naked Wines means an opportunity to get quality wine out to our Angels at the kind of prices that they should be paying for it. As a small producer from a small region, Naked also offers the opportunity to propel our wines and our region onto the national stage."

The Granite Belt is infamous for its summer hail storms. The boys reflecting; "Two years ago we watched a massive storm roll in and with the deafening sound of hail on a tin roof we stood idle as the vines were shredded for 20 minutes. Nothing to do but start planning for the next year." Their past hard work for an industry that is largely broken meant it was normal not to see a single dollar in return for at 3-5 years after each vintage until the wine was matured, bottled and shipped. Of course now, thanks to Angel funding, the boy's spirits and the future of Mary's vineyard couldn't be brighter!

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