Gary Stokes


Well travelled winemaker who thinks that some people take wine and the industry far too serious. Wants to make great tasting wine, without the BS

  • Meet Gary.... He grew up on the northern beaches of Sydney but has been all over the place doing what he does best... making wine!
  • Working in the Riverina, then Marlborough, the Limestone coast of South Australia, Abruzzo, Italy and finally Margaret River. Quite the pedigree, he has worked for brands like Hardy, Stonehaven and Yarra Burn just to name a few...
  • His label, My Other Self, refers to his alter ego. Playing with the notion of Aussie's making fun of themselves. The label allows him to convey his genuine qualities in a playful way.

Map of Gary's vineyard

Gary's story


Gary grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and pursued his growing interest in wine science by studying at Carles Sturt University by distance education. During this time it allowed Gary to work in different winemaking regions: The Riverina, Marlborough, Limestone Coast, Abruzzo, Italy and the Margaret River.

Gary worked for the Hardy Wine company in Padthaway from 01-09, making wines for the Stonehaven and Hardys brands, assisting in the production of Yarra Burn wines from Victoria.

Gary loves the Aussie bush, always exploring National Parks of Australia and has visited New Zealand many times tramping the many tracks of the South Island.

Gary worked in Marlborough in the lates 90's, where Sauvignon Blanc was really in its infancy, being involved in the making of Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc.

His drink of choice is Riesling or even an Italian Red. The region of Great Southern is an area that produces some fantastic aromatic wines and delicate, but full-flavoured reds. Western Australia is the biggest state and Gary intends to visit from South to North in the near future!

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