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Passionate grower who built the vineyard from scratch teaming up with an up and coming superstar winemaker from the Hunter Valley

    • Two heads are better than one, and when life long passion (John) meets life long winemaking skill (Dan), the result is unimaginably unique and tasty wine that sings like the hidden hills it came from!
    • 95% of wine in Australia is machine harvested. Not at Montvalley! Every single drop is hand-pruned and hand-picked, so there is little wonder the vineyard upholds it's reputation for delivering the most pure Hunter Valley fruit to the winery every year.
    • Whether it be their elegant Chardonnay, flavour-packed Shiraz or classic Semillon, filling your glass with Montvalley wine is an experience truly exclusive to Naked. Drift away to your happy place with John and Dan's gorgeous wine, grown in a hidden slice of Hunter Valley heaven.

Map of the Vineyard

Meet John and Dan.


Huge levels of belief, passion and fearless dedication required to chase after a goal - that is the lifeblood at Montvalley! John Colvin and Dan Binet get the job done, and get it done brilliantly!

John is a passionate grower who has brought to life a plot of land - Montvalley - hidden high in the Brokenback Ranges over the past 12 years, knowing full well it's natural supply of nutrient rich soils and perfect location for producing top quality grapes. Daniel was born and raised in the wine world, and his years of high end winemaking experience is the magic ingredient that sends Montvalley fruit into the stratosphere of boutique quality wines.

When the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came knocking on the door of Naked HQ to have Montvalley join the Naked Wines family, we didn't hesitate. We grabbed it, and held on tight!

You see, these two gentlemen are the definition of '100% commitment to a cause'. They are totally dedicated to creating the absolute finest, small-volume, single-vineyard, hand-picked, hand-pruned, hand-made exclusive Hunter Valley wine on the planet!

"I tell my grape pickers if it's not good enough to put in your mouth, drop it on the ground. We only take the best." - John Colvin

And, thanks to you, Angels, from this day forward, in a ground-breaking deal to end all ground-breaking deals, every single drop of their Montvalley brilliance will be handmade exclusively for you!

How come? Simple. After years of battling the entrenched, hard-as-a-nut retail wine market for recognition and for vital bottle sales, John and Dan realised there was a better way, a smarter way - the Naked Wines way. They were so impressed that we could get their premium single-vineyard wines they love making, directly into the hands of winelovers (ahhh, that's you, Angels!). Yep, signed, sealed...marriage made in heaven!

Can you tell we're just a bit excited? Here's why you will be too.

Long story short: John spent ten years, and spared absolutely nothing, searching for the perfect plot of Hunter Valley soil to fulfill his lifelong dream of growing super-premium grapes. Finally, in 1998 a magical, enchanted and mysterious valley nestled high up in the Brokenback Ranges was discovered. Even genius local legend Jay Tulloch came, saw, smelt the earth and gave it a huge thumbs up.

This totally secret slice-of-heaven was named Montvalley.

Over the years it would go on to gain a reputation for some of the finest, purest grapes in the entire Hunter. And, claim multiple awards and accolades for its signature Semillon, Chardonnay and Shiraz along the way. Yep, you better believe it, the wines are that brilliant! Just ask super-gifted award-winning Montvalley winemaker Daniel Binet about the vineyard and he fires back:

"Bloody unique! It's a secret climate, out of sight, tucked away up in the mountains."

The Hunter Valley is the oldest commercial wine growing region in the country and is home to some of the greatest Semillon, Shiraz and Chardonnay Australia has ever known.

Those wine-growing pioneers back in the early 1800's really knew what they were doing!

John and Dan from Montvalley represent the 39th winemaking team to join Naked Wines and we couldn't be more happier to have them join the family!

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