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Carla Rodeghiero & Malcolm's Wines

Naked's first Canberra-based winemakers making classy cool-climate wines

    • Nature-loving Carla puts her scientific background to good use to create delicious cool-climate wines. No mean feat as she also works full-time and looks after two teenage girls!

    • Malcolm has an award-winning winemaking pedigree reaching back more than 30 years. He won a truckload of medals and trophies for his wines and built up a highly-respected ACT winery to a Halliday 5-star winner.

    • They jumped at the chance to team up and boost their production of high quality regionally distinct wines. The Angel investment allows them to take their luscious creations to thousands of winelovers across Australia!

Map of the Vineyard

Carla and Malcolm's Story

We're thrilled to introduce you to our latest winemaking talent, Carla Rodeghiero and Malcolm Burdett. Their Bare Branches wines are classic examples of reds from the cool-climate regions of Southern New South Wales and the ACT. 

Carla and Malcolm are a gifted winemaking team. But it’s been a bumpy ride…

Carla’s not only a winemaker, she’s a working Mum with a full-time job as a clinical research manager to boot. She’s battled hard to balance the demands of this busy life with her passion for creating delicious and celebrated wines. With precious little spare time, she was making tiny batches of wine but dreamt of bigger things.

Malcolm has an award-winning winemaking pedigree reaching back more than 30 years. But when a 15-year stretch in one of the region’s premier wineries came to a sudden end, he was forced to look for other avenues. As a Chief Winemaker, Malcolm had a wealth of experience, he just needed a new opportunity to work his magic.

The two friends had always talked about making wine together, so they joined forces to help each other out. With a combined 40 years of winemaking experience, they were bursting with knowledge and enthusiasm. All they needed was a helping hand to grow their volume.

And that’s where you came in and changed their world!

They’re so good at it, you’d think they were born into it. 

But these winemakers’ stories began very differently.

Before giving in to her longing to make great wine, Carla was a laboratory scientist in microbiology. Living and working in London in the 90s, she took a job working evenings in a wine bar. It wasn’t long before she was bitten by the wine bug and became determined to create a great wine herself. 

Back down under, Carla threw herself into a wine science degree from Charles Sturt University. Her background in science gave her a head start into the complex chemistry involved. As she studied, she worked vintages in both Australia and the USA, soaking up knowledge and growing top notch skills. In 2005, she finished with a degree in Wine Science, finishing residential school with a new 9-week old baby!

Keen to grow her own fruit, Carla bought some land in Charleys Forest in Braidwood, NSW, and planted a hectare of vines. Undeterred by the lack of jobs for assistant winemakers in the area, Carla rolled up her sleeves, bought in the best local fruit she could find and started making wine in her back shed. 

She quickly won medals for her early red blends but her volumes were small.

And then Malcolm came along.

Malcolm started out as a chef in Norfolk (yes, that Norfolk — Naked Wines HQ!) and worked in the UK and then Melbourne. When a friend’s birthday party landed him in Wagga Wagga, Malcolm discovered the town had a first class University with an applied science degree in Oenology and his wine journey began.

There followed years of vintages in renowned Victorian wineries like Tahbilk and St Huberts. Over the next 30 years, Malcolm won a truckload of medals and trophies for his wines and built up a highly-respected ACT winery to a Halliday 5-star winner.

With Malcolm on board, the pair could produce the high quality wines consistently at volume. They just needed a hand to fund it all. And you gave it to them.

“We’re so grateful to Naked Wines and all their Angels for their support. They’ve honestly changed our lives. We’re so excited about the future!” — Carla.

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