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Experienced traveller, exceptional winemaker...

    • Ben Rector is out to show the potential of the lesser known vineyards of WA. With more than 20 years experience across some of Australia's premier winemaking regions, he knows exactly what to look for in grape quality, no matter the climate. In 2019, he was awarded the Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot trophies at the regional wine show.
    • The Pemberton and Geographe regions of South West WA are Ben's main focus. His aged release reds have all sold out in record time, and his flair for Chardonnay is undeniable. 
    • Ben takes great pride in his artistic licence, always ensuring that his wines go above and beyond. Angel feedback is gold dust, and the support he has received has allowed Ben to increase his output astronomically. All this in five short Naked years...what will he do next?! 

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Meet Ben Rector


Ben Rector is our winemaker with plenty of hidden gems up his sleeve. Currently hailing from the Pemberton in Western Australia he has a list of small vineyards that produce some of the best grapes he has ever tasted and he cannot wait to bring these all to you!

Ben's winemaking career began over 20 years ago in the Hunter Valley taking on a full-time position at Brokenwood, he currently has 25 vintages under his belt. Working long hours with a passionate and dynamic team to make some of the world's most famous wines at Brokenwood inspired Ben to go out and make his own wines.

After completing his wine degree in 2006 he moved onto work in WA where he has started his own label for Naked, Westbound.


With a passion to see the small unique parcels made into amazing wines and not blended away, he speaks Naked... We cannot wait to see Westbound grow and introduce a range of new vineyards to us all!

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