Sunday Pyrenees Rosé 2018

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by Leighton Joy

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A dose of dreamy summer time

    • This is Leighton's exclusive Rosé Returns! He has achieved a gorgeous outcome by co-fermenting quality Shiraz and Cabernet fruit. This somewhat rustic approach has ensured a lovely strawberry and cream nose that will jump from your glass and get your mouth watering...
    • Each sip will be utterly smooth, with layers of strawberry, red currant and raspberry, and will deliver a great mouthfeel that coats your palate to give amazing length. The wine is crafted in the Saignée style - a French word that refers to bleeding. That is, the free run juice was bled after very limited time in contact with the skins to ensure a pristine and delicate drop.
    • After fermentation the wine was also matured in oak for 6 months, which is a little left of centre for Rosé. This time in oak allowed the wine to soften, and is just another example of the extra creative TLC that Leighton put in to every turn of his Rosré making adventure to deliver this stupendous value for Angels!

Ageing advice
I would drink this wine over the short term, but perhaps it could develop into something more over time.

Serving advice
Get it cold, cold, cold... it will transform as it warms in the glass.

Local food match
Miso glazed eggplant would work really well. or... afternoon sunlight and your brainfood of choice.