Sam Plunkett The Butterfly Effect Shiraz 2017

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by Sam Plunkett

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The Shiraz that gets Angels in a frenzy is back!

    • In 2017, Sam and his team have reached their goal after years of flourishing in the world of Naked thanks to Angel support..that's right, they've had the opportunity to open an incredible new cellar door! His top-selling, sky-high rated Shiraz has returned - cheers to that! Around half the fruit in this wine comes from his Father's vineyard in the Strathbogie Ranges, a cool climate region that is gives wine wonderful aromas. You'll enjoy red fruit, cocoa and pepper on the nose.
    • Each sip is rich and smooth, and the berry flavours take on a lovely jube like character. This is a full bodied dry red, but with a juiciness which gives it an appealing softness. Sam's life is wine from dawn to dusk, so you know this wine is packed with all his TLC!
    • Sam's the man when it comes to innovative small batch winemaking. The creative techniques he uses take more work than a single big ferment, but allows the process to be tailored for each unique parcel of grapes. Sam is a firm believer that the small batch approach produces higher quality wine with more character than simple big scale winemaking. This is the perfect wine great wine to have on hand, including for simple occasions like celebrating the end of the day.

Australia (South Eastern Australia)


Big Red

14.10% Alc




Ageing advice
I like to drink this wine when it is relatively young and fruit forward, so over the next 1-2 years. But some people will enjoy cellaring the wine for a couple of years longer to let it develop a savoury complexity.

Serving advice
Serve at a coolish room temperature say 16-18C

Local food match
We grow lamb as well as grapes, so for me Shiraz and roast lamb is a delicious treat!