Robin Hood Brewing Co. Pale Ale 3 x 330ml Beer cans

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by Rob Paulazzo

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83% of 66

Clean, fresh and beautifully balanced!

    • Rob has nailed beer and is making Angels cheer! His Angel exclusive Pale Ale is packaged in 330mL cans, the perfect 'session ale' to kick back and enjoy as summer takes over. It's been hand crafted using all natural ingredients!
    • Clean, fresh and beautifully balanced, this beer is medium in weight with intensity and a long finish. Each sip delivers subtle citrus hops, a hint of bitterness and smoothly integrated malts that will keep you reaching for another can!
    • Three cans will be delivered within your wine case. After years researching and experiencing the trade secrets of small breweries in Canada and New Zealand, Rob has hand crafted his dream beer in the classic Aussie style. Get around this ultimate refreshment!

Australia (Riverina)



5.00% Alc


Ageing advice
Life is short, enjoy today!

Serving advice
Nothing but chilled! Serve in a decent beer glass to really let the flavours open up.

Local food match
Perfect to kick back and enjoy while grazing on an antipasto platter, or equally at home when in hand hovering around a BBQ!