R. Paulazzo NSW Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

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by Rob Paulazzo

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Rich and ready to warm you up

    • Rob has worked his magic again, blending warm and cool climate grapes to deliver a downright moreish Red! The warm Riverina component is responsible for providing the wine’s intense blackcurrant and dark cherry layers. The cool Hilltops component provides the fine tannin structure and complexity, along with aromas of cedar spice and fresh mint. All up, you're in for a soft and full-bodied wine with balance and structure.
    • The inspiration behind this wine was the lessons Rob brought back from his time making wine in the Napa Valley where Cabernet Sauvignon is truly the King of grapes. Bright crimson with red hues, you'll be treated to aromas of blackcurrant and dark cherry with hints of wild berry, fresh mint and subtle spicy oak. Maturation in a mix of French and American oak added richness and complexity. Pairing this drop alongside a tasty meal will reward, as each sip will linger long on your palate and enhance your food's flavours. Enough to make your mouth water just thinking of it all…
    • At under $12 for Angels only, a wine containing this much quality fruit is great value! A wonderful win for those with a flair for Red wine and red meat combos, and a win for all the Angels who made it possible. This is a serious Cabernet without the serious price tag so dive in today!

Australia (South Eastern Australia)

Cabernet Sauvignon

Fruity Red

13.50% Alc


Ageing advice
Enjoy now and for the next five years from vintage with careful cellaring.

Serving advice
Suggested Serving Temp: 15-18C.

Local food match
Slow-roasted lamb, butternut pumpkin and desiree potatoes. Served with gravy and mint jelly.