Made By Mobbs Above 600 Orange Chardonnay 2018

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by Steve Mobbs

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Cool climate Orange Chardonnay

    • Steve's Chardonnay is back, for its second vintage better than ever, from his family vineyard. 
    • The cool climate of Orange lends itself well to elegant Chardonnays. This one shows a touch of toast on the nose and white peach on the palate.
    • Why not sneak a few bottles of this incredibly valued Orange Chardy in to your case today? A brand new winemaker and a brand new wine is an opportunity too good for any white wine lover to miss!

Ageing advice
This wine is drinking perfectly now but due to its vibrant acidity it will also age gracefully. Drink within the next 10 years.

Serving advice
Steve always lets a wine breath for a few moments before drinking it. This allows wines to open up releasing their volatile aromas to the world. Give it a few moments in the glass, and don't over chill.

Local food match
Steve went mushroom hunting recently and picked some saffron milk caps to make an absolutely banging risotto. This Chardonnay would fit perfectly for that classic dish!