Jen Pfeiffer The Rebel Sangiovese 2018

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by Jen Pfeiffer

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of 540
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94% of 540


93% of 599


94% of 1,009


96% of 754

The fiery Italian returns!

    • Jen's beloved Sangiovese is back better than ever! You'll be in for a treat with raspberry, red cherry and spice aromas dancing around your glass. Spending some time in matured oak, the palate is medium bodied, textured and smooth, with a long finish that leaves you wanting more!
    • Originating in Tuscany, Sangiovese is the main varietal used in traditional Chianti blends. This is the perfect next step to the side of your standard Shiraz or Cab favourite and in to a world of reds that are up and coming on the Australian wine scene.
    • With 93% of Angels who bought a bottle last vintage wanting to buy it again, you'd best get your hands on a few of these quickly. It's guaranteed to leave any red lover with a big smile on their dial, especially at under $10 for Angels!

Australia (South Eastern Australia)


Fruity Red

14.00% Alc



Ageing advice
Jen recommends enjoying this as a young wine, and maturing in the short term until 2022.

Serving advice
Don't be afraid to chill this red down in summer, just lightly to around 12’C. Open 1-2 hours before serving and allow some breathing time.

Local food match
Sangiovese is fantastic with home-made pizza, marinated lamb kebabs, or grilled fish with tomatoes, olives and beans.

Map of the Vineyard