Gypsy Caravan Tamar Blanc Noir 2017

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by Cynthea & David Feldheim

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The brilliant bubbles are back!

    • It's here! The latest release of Gypsy Caravan's La Soirée bubbly delight straight from Tasmania to your party with love from David & Cynthea. Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes sourced from the greater Tamar Valley.
    • This Methode Traditionelle has been tiraged, riddled and disgorged by hand and fills the mid palate with a sweet delicate creaminess. It’ll linger gently on the palate and always leave you wanting more…
    • The talking point of your next party! This classy gem is perfect for any occasion like New Years eve or Christmas Day, and any time in between. Enjoy Gypsy Caravan's bubbly excellence with friends and loved ones, and spread the love!

Ageing advice
The longer this wine has contact with Diam cork the more flavours of complexity will form. Cellaring is dependant on the consumer so if you like your sparklings fresh and vibrant then drink them now, and for the next four months. If you prefer them with a little more complexity on the nose and palate then leave them for a few months on their side to develop more.

Serving advice
Always serve Sparkling wine chilled but not tooo cold, 10"C is perfect! We suggest you have a bottle of La Soirée in your fridge for the next few months just in case you get that unexpected visitor or have to impress a friend at a Christmas party!! There is an unexpected feeling of happiness which occurs when one opens a bottle of bubbles. Make sure that your glassses dont have any residual soap on them as this may prevent the bubbles from forming and make the wine flat. We rinse all of our wine and sparkling glasses with hot water.

Local food match
Bubbles are a food on their own!!! But we love sparkling wine with smoked salmon ( a lot grown here in Tasmania) and of course our own Tasmanian oysters! In fact I have been known to add a splash to oysters in the shell!! Santè! One of my favourite foods with my bubbles are souffle, with home grown eggs.

Map of the Vineyard