Chateau Coco Billie's Blend Cabernets 2017

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by Judy & Glen Kelly

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85% of 362

Naturally delicious, nurtured into excellence

    • Making its debut on the Naked Shelves, this Top Shelf treat is exclusive to Angels! Judy and Glen nurtured their estate grown vines like babies to ensure the ultimate flavour and quality levels at picking time. The addition of reasonably rare Cabernet Franc takes this wine to the next level.
    • Get ready for a vibrant palate of juicy berries, luscious dark chocolate and subtle French oak qualities. The finish is long, smooth and oh-so generous. Based on the iconic Bordeaux blend, you'll be amazed at how this premium cool climate fruit - think Adelaide Hills and Clare Valley - can put a spin on the French classic.
    • The fruit's undeniable quality and the wine's high percentage of Cabernet Franc ensures there are enough layers to keep you guessing and reaching for another glass! A drop of this calibre usually sells for upwards of $30 a bottle elsewhere so don't miss out on this boutique creation.

Ageing advice
The wine will age well and aoften a little over time - suggested ageing in the right conditions would be 6 years - but why wait?

Serving advice
As a younger wine using an aerator will always deliver the best flavours straight away.

Local food match
We love this blend with food, and would suggest family roasts or a delicious summer steak on the bbq. Its a great wine for winter hearty cassseroles and stews.