BVO Bloem Moscato 2018

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by Bart Van Olphen

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of 628
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Elegant and refined

    • B.V.O Bloem Moscato is light, silvery bright and vivacious! World-class and totally inspired by the greatest wines from the Piedmont region in northern Italy, which can set you back up to $50 per bottle.
    • Angels, you will be totally dazzled by the oh-so-delicate fizz as it hits the glass. Enticing aromas of fresh lychee jump out and mingle with a brilliant balance of subtle sweetness with tart crunchy pineapple hints leading to a delectable and refreshing dry finish.
    • Drink it super chilled and open the bottle right before serving to retain maximum fizz. Delicious with a plate of fresh summer fruits at brekky or paired with a passionfruit tart at dessert is an absolute winner.  Brilliant with a summer cheese plate too!

Ageing advice
Drink immediately. Then have another. No point worrying about cellaring. If you do find you have a bottle hanging around it will drink well for up to 2 or 3 years but best in the first 18 months.

Serving advice
Open at the last minute before serving straight out of the ice bucket to pour it nicely chilled and keep the light bubble lively in the glass.

Local food match
Tangy Citrus Tart with a buttery short crust paired with a cold glass of BVO Bloem Moscato. Delicious!

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