Nodus Tollens Field Blend White 2017

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by Paul Nelson

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Nodus Tollens White Blend 2018

Your perfect spring White

    • Introducing Nodus Tollens, the new premium range from our wild child of the West, Paul Nelson. First up, an exceptional White Field Blend made from Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Viognier and Riesling - it’s a recipe for luscious success!

    • Each varietal was fermented separately and then blended to give you this full bodied, full flavoured, fresh and fruity white, that will put your senses into overdrive.

    • This complex fruit-driven white highlights the Great Southern region of W.A. and showcases the sheer diversity of fruit characters that are produced from the diverse warm and cool climates contained within.

Ageing advice
Youthful and vibrant now but will develop well over a few year becoming softer and more honeyed.

Serving advice
Leftie loosie

Local food match
Anything rich and creamy like a spaghetti carbonara, or spicy like chilli mussels.