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Too early to tell
Too early to tell

Following in his fathers footsteps, this young Aussie winemaker is impressing all with his wonderful wines

    • Thomas Hordern is a rising star! Having been born and raised in the wine industry there is nothing he doesn't know about getting the best out of the grapes.
    • Following in his father's footsteps, Thomas is a third generation winemaker and farmer. Winemaking has been in the family for 60 years with Thomas having over 10 years experience of his own.
    • Thomas is extremely passionate about the Hunter Valley and would love nothing more than to show off the region to the rest of the world!

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Thomas' story


Thomas is a third generation winemaker from the Hunter Valley, NSW. Winemaking has been in his family for 60 years and Thomas has been winemaking himself for over 10 years now.

Thomas loves the freedom of being creative with his wines and variety. He loves to get his hands dirty with every aspect of growing, making and selling wines.

His wine highlight to date - watching his first ever bottle go down the bottling line and travelling around France and USA enjoying beautiful wine regions.

Thomas is so grateful for his opportunity with Naked... A chance to meet new customers and other winemakers. To teach and advance people's wine knowledge all around the globe and the ability to learn from other great winemakers from all around the world.

And... we have him on board all because of our Angels!

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