Naked Winemaker

Tash Mooney

Tash wants to challenge drinkers with unique blends but familiar tastes


Tash's Wines

  • Australia
  • 2 wines
  • 1 style
  • 1× crisp white
    • Possessing silky skills, a visionary eye and a laser-like determination Tash has been making ground-breaking wines since 1992 - wines that are quite simply… outstanding!
    • With a rock solid apprenticeship mentored by the likes of legends Philip Shaw, ex-Rosemount, and Wayne Falkenberg of iconic Lindemans it’s no surprise that Tash has developed an unerring ability to tap into the styles that wine drinkers are craving.
    • Now, after a timely phone call in February, Tash is thrilled to bits to be supported by you, and thousands of other Angels.

Tash's Activity