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Talented winemaker with a passion for NSW wine regions.

    • Having previously worked for McWilliams, Orlando and Giesen, Rob has bucket-loads of experience and is excited to use this knowledge to make wines under his very own label.  What's more, his winery was recently rated 5-stars by top wine critic, James Halliday.
    • Each wine Rob creates draws on his incredible international experience... he's been everywhere a winemaker could want to work - Burgundy, Tuscany, Napa Valley, Niagara Peninsula and even the magical Marlborough.
    • Born and bred in the NSW Riverina region and nominated for young winemaker of the year in 2008, Rob has access to some seriously amazing fruit. He's thrilled to be living the dream - making wines exclusively for Angels!

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Rob's story


Meet Rob... born and bred in the NSW wine region of Riverina, he was nominated for young winemaker of the year in 2008 and now he's making wines exclusively for you, the Angels!

Having travelled extensively throughout the world making wines, he has been able to utilise his winemaking skills and knowledge he's acquired from many vintages and apply them to his own wines from his home state of NSW. You may have heard of a few places that he has worked at... McWilliams Wines, Orlando Wines, Marlborough Winery and Giesen Wines.

Growing up in Riverina, where his Grandfather established the family vineyard over 80 years ago, he not only sources his own grapes from his home area but from other cool-climate regions across the state (Hilltops, Orange and Tumbarumba). Rob doesn't think he was destined to do anything other than winemaking, it's his life and his passion.

Rob believes winemaking is a blend of art and science; every wine he makes is unique, so everyday is different. He likes to make wines that he'd like to drink and share with family and friends.

Pinot Noir is his favourite varietal... in his own words, there is 'red wine making and then there is Pinot Noir making'. This varietal has so many personalities and along it's journey it continually keeps you guessing.

It's been a lifelong dream for Rob to go it alone and make wines under his own label. His dream is to take all the knowledge he's gained around the world and make wines purely from his own state. And most importantly, he wants as many people as possible to drink and enjoy them. He sees the Naked Opportunity as gaining 60,000+ new friends, who have helped change his life forever. He's sees Naked Wines and the Angels being with him every step of the way!

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