Naked Winemaker

Randal Tomich

Winemaker who believes the most important part of winemaking is the soil the grapes are grown in

    • The first ever RT by Randal Tomich wines to get exclusively Naked are his delicate Pinot Noir and crisp, moreish Chardonnay, both grown on the Adelaide Hills vineyard his family has farmed for three generations. Hand picked, boutique quantities...all thanks to Angel backing!
    • Randal's passion is clear - home is where the heart is. He approaches each of his pristine single vineyard wines "with a love and understanding of the land, treading softly and farming sustainably to create balance and harmony in life."
    • Randal's father spent a life time learning hard earned secrets of soil quality - the ultimate key to premium winemaking. Randal hasn't just followed in his father's inventive footsteps, he's taken it to a new level! He's invented genius equipment and techniques promote the vineyard's health, achieving a 60% saving in both fuel costs and time.

Randal 's Activity