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Too early to tell

Too early to tell

Producing premium wine from Denmark in southern W.A.

    • Naked funding will allow Paul’s expertise to be enjoyed by more than a few hundred people - before he became Naked, Paul created miniscule amounts of wine (in some cases as little as 40 dozen for one wine). 
    • Previously working for big wineries like Houghtons and Goundreys, in 2009 Paul turned his attention to creating his own, highly boutique wines from the oldest vineyard and cellar door in Denmark (WA).
    • His first year as a go-it-alone winemaker saw his winery listed as a James Halliday Top 10 best new winery and Dark Horse winery. Paul was a man with experience, talent, and absolutely no money for grapes. Now thanks to you he has the support he needs… which means you’re in for a treat!
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Meet Paul Nelson...


Paul Nelson was born and raise in Perth, Western Australia, where he worked on the family vineyard. He went on to study Viticulture and Oenology at university increasing his interest in winemaking and the fact that you can create something so tangible that perfectly captures an exact moment in time from a simple bunch of grapes! Even though he tries to rely mainly on sales and feedback to 'rate' his wines off the few he has submitted to wines shows have gotten phenomenal results; - Best New winery 2009 James Halliday - Dark Horse 2009 James Halliday - One of the best wineries in the region 2014 James Halliday - 2012 Fume Blanc- Gold Perth Wine Show - 2013 Fume Blanc- 96 Points James Halliday

Paul did his first 2 vintages with large winemakers; Houghtons and Goundreys. The path of winemaking then led him overseas doing vintages in every nook and cranny, he has made vintages in: South Africa, Germany, Cyprus, India and Italy for both the domestic market and large retailers. We cannot wait to see what world secrets he has under his sleeve.

He has been making his own wines since 2002 but in 2013 Paul and his wife bough the oldest vineyard and cellar door in Denmark (WA) which is now home to Pauls own wine label, Paul Nelson Wines.

Angels will help Paul buy some more nets to protect the grapes, Help him move towards being 100% biodynamic and give him more freedom of choice through allowing him to have a greater degree of independence and focus on making the wine more instead of selling it.

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