Naked Winemaker

Paige McArdle

Making sensational wines from sustainable vineyards in the Murray Darling wine region.


Paige's Wines

  • Australia
  • 5 wines
  • 5 styles
  • 1× crisp white
  • 1× fruity white
  • 1× big red
  • 1× fruity red
  • 1× smooth red
    • Paige has a heritage that stretches back to German settlers who were growing grapes and making wine here in the 1890s, but she didn't know that until recently! She lives on a vineyard in McLaren Vale with Mum Jenny, surrounded by fantastic old bush vines.

    • Paige is a shining example of today’s young winemaking talent. In 2017, her first Rose made the list of Hot 100 Wines in South Australia. Her wines sing of the land where the grapes were grown - well-managed sustainable vineyards the popular Murray Darling wine region. Delicious and with vegan credentials to boot, they represent incredible value for money!

    • Getting Naked is a real thrill for Paige and she can't wait to hear from the Angels - "Education and interaction with wine lovers and people who are just starting to dip their toe into wine is the best part of my career, and the part that impassions me.”

Paige's Activity