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Industry stalwart deciding to make small parcels of wine that he wants to make not told to make

    • Nigel Ludlow has been making wine since 1994 and loves everything about it... the people, the passion, the physicality, the science, the art and making a product that is enjoyed.
    • He has created a 5 star winery - Evoi Wines from 2 barrels of Chardonnay in his garage with no cash, these wines have all received 94 points from Halliday.
    • His mission is to make Margaret River flagship wines for the Naked Angels!

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Nigel's story


Introducing Nigel Ludlow from the Margaret River... He has been making wine since 1994 and loves everything about winemaking.

He tries to make wines with character and layers. He views wine, each as a sum of many intricately thought out parts

Chardonnay is his favourite varietal. He sees Chardonnay as a red grape in white drag, in that it doesn't follow the rules of white wine. Nigel started his winery from his garage with just 2 barrels of Chardonnay. He has now created a 5 star rated winery in EVOI Wines with his wines each scoring 94 points from wine critic, James Halliday.

Nigel is in a make or break period. He is at a stage of expansion to make his operation successful in a business sense which requires a lot more capital than he has. But it's more than the money, he needs customer feedback, suggestions and word of mouth spreading. Which is why he loves the Naked Wines concept - where the consumer gets to have a say. He really believes there are too many factories producing wines, not winemakers. He is excited for the interaction between winemaker and consumer.

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