Naked Winemaker

Nicky Parish

Father (viticulturist) and daughter (winemaker) team up to produce single vineyard estate wines from the Waipara in New Zealand

    • Meet Nicky and Peter... Nicky is the winemaker and Peter is the grower. They are father and daughter and combined have 49 years experience in the wine industry.
    • Making wine from the Waipara Valley, situated in North Canterbury on the South Island of NZ. Nicky's winemaking passion is Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
    • For 10 years they grew grapes for the best producers in New Zealand (Pegasus Bay etc), but 5 years ago they put their own name on the grapes when the vines hit their peak. Naked Angels are helping Nicky and Peter continue their Dunnolly dream for the wine industry.

Nicky's Activity