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Out of stock. In the meantime try Culley Road Mclaren Vale Grenache 2020

All for one and one for all! This could well be the catchcry for this team

    • Altschwager & Kenneally prove that four heads can be better than one. A true collaboration that taps into a vast wealth of winemaking experience in both New Zealand and Australia.
    • At the core of every wine they hand craft is an unswerving respect for the land. Their passion is to source only the highest quality, sustainably grown fruit.  The attention to detail is reflected in the sheer expressiveness of their wines.
    • Angel funding means everything to the Altschwager & Kenneally team. It ignited a dream to branch out on their own and break free from the shackles of corporate winemaking.

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Altschwager & Kenneally story

All for one and one for all! This could well be the catchcry for the the team that is: Altschwager & Kenneally.

Two married couples - Gus & Swan Altschwager and Mark & Emma Kenneally - are collaboratively four passionate individuals that make up a truly remarkable winemaking fraternity.

They all met and became firm friends when Gus and Mark - two Aussies abroad - were working alongside each other at one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed wineries in the cold climes of Marlborough. Any time spent away from the vines, tanks and barrels was always time spent together discussing all things wine, surfing, and anything done in the great outdoors, really.

Their kids were even born a few weeks apart of each other (not planned!) and everything ever since has been a family affair - a true team effort!

A united desire to branch out on their own, to break the shackles of corporate winemaking and get Naked lead to the launch of their first wine journey - Tapi - in 2014. With organic and sustainable practices influencing everything they do, this bunch of like-minded friends have been crafting tiny volumes of cool-climate deliciousness ever since. And, everything is done as a collaboration - winemaking, viticulture, administration and the sharing of their love of wine.

In 2016 Mark and Emma moved home to McLaren Vale and, thanks to Angel support, bought their first ever vineyard there in 2017. And, the geographic move has actually brought the team even closer together - if that’s possible!

Marlborough in NZ and McLaren Vale in SA are distinctly different premium wine-growing regions and to this loyal band of ‘flying winemakers’ it’s an inspiring once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gather different perspectives on wine styles and techniques and constantly share the learnings back and forward across the ditch. Yep, the team is racking up substantial frequent flyer points!

Angels, stay tuned for some brand-spanking-new, warm-hearted Culley Road McLaren Vale wines coming from the Altschwager & Kenneally team very soon.

Their ultimate team dream? To one day, soon, be able to leave behind their day jobs working for the ‘man’ and be a thriving, self-sufficient, sustainably-grown wine business where all the fruits of their labour from Marlborough to McLaren and beyond are handcrafted exclusively for Naked Angels.

The sum total of their shared experiences is, and always will be, their greatest achievement. All for one and one for all, Angels!

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