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Altschwager & Kenneally Wines

All for one and one for all! This could well be the catchcry for this team


Altschwager & Kenneally's Wines

  • New Zealand
  • 11 wines
  • 5 styles
  • 2× crisp whites
  • 3× rich whites
  • 1× fruity white
  • 2× big reds
  • 3× fruity reds
    • Altschwager & Kenneally prove that four heads can be better than one. A true collaboration that taps into a vast wealth of winemaking experience in both New Zealand and Australia.
    • At the core of every wine they hand craft is an unswerving respect for the land. Their passion is to source only the highest quality, sustainably grown fruit.  The attention to detail is reflected in the sheer expressiveness of their wines.
    • Angel funding means everything to the Altschwager & Kenneally team. It ignited a dream to branch out on their own and break free from the shackles of corporate winemaking.

Altschwager & Kenneally's Activity