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The Father of Aussie Pinot G!

    • Kevin's award-winning winemaking career spans decades and his success is largely thanks to his silky talents and his steely courage. Widely recognised as the founding father of Pinot Gris/Grigio in Australia, Kevin McCarthy is, and always has been, a rebel - a deadset heretic.
    • Taught by the masters in Alsace, France and Collio, Italy, he's helped change the Australian wine landscape as we know it. Kevin was encouraged by his mentors to take risks, experiment and ignore fear. As a result, his first venture many years ago, the famous T’Gallant winery put the Mornington Peninsula wine region firmly on the map. It was there, in 1993, they released their first Pinot Grigio and the Aussie Pinot G revolution was underway!
    • Liberated by Angels in 2013, Kevin continues along the path less travelled, inspired by winemaking experiences around the globe. For the past twenty years he's travelled Victoria and South Australia looking for special vineyards and uses premium fruit from the Mildura region as well as the Mornington Peninsula in his fabuous wines.

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