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James-Paul's Wines

World wide winemaking experience has given James-Paul an insight to every corner of the industry, and now he's delivering the best of boutique Aussie cool-climate wines direct to Angels!

    • With a stellar career reaching back to 2000, JP has scaled the highs of selling his wines across three continents and regularly travelling the globe as a flying winemaker. All this experience has armed him with an incredible breadth of knowledge.
    • When his original dream wine company took a turn in a less authentic direction due to pressure from corporate investors, JP made the decision to walk away. Now he's Naked, he's pouring all his energy back in to his core passion - hand crafting minimal intervention, cool-climate Australian wine that's truly unique.
    • JP is keen as mustard for the chance to communicate directly with the people who buy and enjoy his wine - a truly powerful and unique platform for any winemaker!

Meet James-Paul.


Enfant Terrible - "A person who behaves in an unconventional or controversial way." There's something very engaging about someone who has the courage of their convictions. Someone who not only talks-the-talk but is prepared to walk-the-walk, even if that means flying in the face of conventional wisdom. Someone who's prepared to back their own judgement and skills in order to deliver the goods.

Meet James-Paul Marin and his brand-spanking-new Enfant Terrible range. He is a distinguished winemaker with 15 years experience and a determination to make the world a better place - one wine and one tree at a time.

The success that his initial Australian wine range had achieved internationally since 2012 ironically led to greater financial pressure and control being exerted by his venture capitalist backers. He found himself travelling along a winemaking path which had long lost all sense of enjoyment, cluttered with both compromise and doubt.

The lack of integrity in the corporate wine world led him to walk away. In fact, James-Paul almost walked away from wine completely. Enter; Naked Wines! With the support of over 50,000 Angels, James-Paul was handed a second chance at realising his winemaking dream and is now happily walking to the beat of his own drum.

"This time with the Angels as my backers, I will pursue my passion for making the wines I want to make and not be pigeon-holed to a particular region, to a commercial style or hitting a price point to achieve margin."

Strong relationships with award-winning vineyards formed over many years now gives James-Paul access to some of the best Australian grapes available. His firm belief in sustainability and minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process results in wines that express the true characteristics and deliciousness of the variety and the region.

That's right - without being tied to one vineyard, James-Paul is able to pick and choose from region to region, so that each release of Enfant Terrible wines captures the best of that vintage!

A lifelong passion for wine and doing things differently has ensured his handcrafted Enfant Terrible wines overdeliver in every aspect. Kick back with a glass and peak in to his quirky world!

As a lifelong surfer, he is an environmental advocate and partner of SeedtheChange.org. He will plant 5 trees in third world countries for every dozen bought. So, he may well be a "person who behaves in an unconventional or controversial way" but from where we stand it's all brilliant - for Angels and the Earth!

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