Naked Winemaker

James-Paul Marin

World wide winemaking experience has given James-Paul an insight to every corner of the industry, and now he's delivering the best of boutique Aussie cool-climate wines direct to Angels!

    • With a stellar career reaching back to 2000, JP has scaled the highs of selling his wines across three continents and regularly travelling the globe as a flying winemaker. All this experience has armed him with an incredible breadth of knowledge.
    • When his original dream wine company took a turn in a less authentic direction due to pressure from corporate investors, JP made the decision to walk away. Now he's Naked, he's pouring all his energy back in to his core passion - hand crafting minimal intervention, cool-climate Australian wine that's truly unique.
    • JP is keen as mustard for the chance to communicate directly with the people who buy and enjoy his wine - a truly powerful and unique platform for any winemaker!

James-Paul's Activity