Naked Winemaker

Glen Robert & Andrew Scott

Naked's inaugural Queensland team, taking artisan winemaking to the next level!

    • Expected the unexpected from this creative Queensland pair! When Glen and Andrew stumbled upon Shiraz and Viognier vines in need of a little TLC in 2014, they knew they had found the perfect place to begin their La Petite Mort journey.
    • Thanks to Angel support, Glen (former research scientist) and Andrew (hospitality guru) have been able to re-vitalise a historic, cool-climate vineyard in the Granite Belt, flexing their sustainable winemaking skills with slow-ripening, hand-picked fruit that packs a flavourful punch!
    • From fermenting in terracotta amphora to partially drying grapes, the innovative techniques behind the hidden gems in the La Petite Mort range represent the idea of letting go of restraints and revelling in something new… like Glen and Andrew’s truly artisan wines!

Glen Robert & Andrew's Activity