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A laid-back winemaker with a passion for old-world Italy

    Gary’s grappled with grapes all over the world from Australia and New Zealand to Abruzzo, Italy, where it was enchanting old-world vineyards that won him over. He now has over 25 years of winemaking wisdom up his sleeve! 

    • Stints at top wineries including Hardy’s, Stonehaven and Yarra Burn, and an eagerness to roll up his sleeves and learn every aspect of the trade, helped sharpen his skills. He’s a man who understands the magical transformation that occurs from grape to bottle, knowing when to get involved and when to let the fruit be the star of the show! 
    • After his winemaking compass finally settled on the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Gary got Naked in 2014 and began crafting honest, down to earth wine for Angels with his lighthearted label, My Other Self. 

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Gary's story


Gary grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, not far from what would become Naked Wines HQ. When adventure began calling back in 1995, Gary left Sydney and studied wine science by distance education as he grappled with grapes from the Riverina, the Limestone Coast and Marlborough before travelling further afield to Abruzzo, Italy where he fell in love with the country’s enchanting vineyards. 

Back on Aussie soil, he turned his attention to the west coast to embrace all things Margaret River, followed by stints with luminaries including Hardy’s, Stonehaven and Yarra Burn. By the time Gary got Naked in 2014, his winemaking compass had finally settled on the Great Southern region of Western Australia. 

Gary’s amassed over 25 years of winemaking wisdom owing to jaunts all over the world but in keeping with his early winemaking roots, it’s still the old-world vineyards of Italy that he can’t resist. When he’s not focused on crafting honest, down to earth wine, Gary loves exploring the National Parks of Australia and traversing the vast tracks of New Zealand’s South Island. Like his label, My Other Self, suggests, Gary’s ‘alter ego’ is still travelling and honing his skills – often with an Italian accent! 

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