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A cool-climate specialist with a CV that commands respect

    • Debbie’s winemaking endeavours have taken her around the world from France and New Zealand to Canada and eventually, the idyllic Central Ranges and Orange regions of New South Wales, with the variety of long-standing winemaking traditions honing her skills along the way.

    • As a cultured, cool-climate specialist, Debbie has spent multiple vintages in top spots at the celebrated Cumulus and Robert Oatley wineries. Her passion for crafting fine wines has contributed to the success of this pocket of Australia, helping to put the Central Ranges and Orange regions on the winemaking map.

    • It was the opportunity to make her wine, her way that motivated Debbie to ring the Naked doorbell in 2019. She’s pulled out all the stops to ensure her luscious Puttin’ On Lau-Ritz wines are first-rate!

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Debbie's Story

As a passionate and award-winning winemaker, Debbie has an impressive array of experience up her sleeve! Her winemaking passport was stamped with rites-of-passage sojourns to Alsace in France, Marlborough in New Zealand and Niagara in Canada before finally settling on crafting fine wines in the Central Ranges and Orange regions of New South Wales.

After spending over 10 years as Senior Winemaker for Cumulus Wines, Debbie stepped into the role of Chief Winemaker at the celebrated Robert Oatley winery. Many vintages, combined with a wealth of inherited knowledge from her mentor, the iconic Philip Shaw, meant Debbie’s contributions to the industry have helped shape the success of this pocket of Australia, putting its cool-climate drops on the winemaking map.  

When the opportunity to make wine using her own personal flair and techniques came knocking, Debbie rang the Naked doorbell in 2019 and the rest was history! Today, her Puttin’ On Lau-ritz range delights Angels with luscious drops that pay homage to the unique region she calls home. 

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