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Our first Tasmanian winemakers!

    • Cynthea has been making wine for 23 years. She started at a young age... 5 to be exact when her parents moved from San Francisco to Tassie and purchased a plot of land which they planted in 1980. It was a natural evolution to work with the vines and Cynthea eventually ended up studying winemaking and wine marketing.
    • Her favourite varietals are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Cynthea absolutely loves using her sense of smell and taste as her job. It has opened her world so much more. AND, it is the best passport to travel on!
    • The Angels investment allows Cynthea and her husband David more time to spend with the growers, and getting the best grapes they can. Great grapes = great wine!

Map of the Vineyard

Cynthea's story


Cynthea is a qualified winemaker with 33 vintages and 23 years under her belt. She knew she wanted to be in the wine game after a Rotary group came to her vineyard for dinner and started very pompous and starchy and then rolled down the driveway 4 hours later with lots of wine and professions of undying love for her family. She loved how it had changed them!

Her label, Gypsy Caravan reflects the freedom from the family vineyard, the wild nature of the way the wines are made and the close relationship they have with mother nature. As well as their celebration of life, playing, fun and general revelry.

Cynthea says 'There's a good deal of hard work in winemaking, and the grape wait for nobody. Mother nature is your boss, so, as in the past few years anything can change at a moments notice.' Her greatest joy is nurturing her babies along the way, seeing them grow and change and evolve naturally and then releasing them to the world as a proud parent - and drinking them herself of course.

Tasmania is riding high in Australia at the moment. They have a great growing climate, and know they can produce wines year in and year out.

The Angels investment gives them breathing space as often your expenses are outlaid long before the profit rolls in. And best of all Cynthea is excited to be able to speak with the Angels and hear direct feedback.

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