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The woman behind Wolf Blass going out on her own

    • We’ve rolled out the red carpet… Angels are now in the presence of Aussie wine royalty! Caroline was the first female winemaker ever to win the coveted, and world famous, Jimmy Watson Trophy - the most prestigious and sought after wine award in Australia while she was paving the way for Wolf Blass.
    • 2017 marks the start of her most exciting challenge yet, channelling her experience into crafting boutique wines, just for Angels!
    • Caroline was awarded Best Shiraz in the World at the illustrious International Wine and Spirit Competition in London, 2002 for her Wolf Blass Platinum Label Shiraz. Let’s repeat that last bit… Best. Shiraz. in. the. World.

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Caroline can't wait to engage directly with local people enjoying her wines, working with timely feedback and embracing the wine loving community that is Naked. Go on, say hi on her winemaker wall & cheers with a glass of Caroline's finest!

“The stunning fact that she wants to make wines for Naked Angels because she likes what we do and how we do it, makes us all so extremely excited and damn proud.” - Greg Banbury, Naked Wines MD

She was the first female winemaker ever to win the world famous Jimmy Watson Trophy - the most prestigious wine award in Australia.

Oh, and then, there’s the impressive back catalogue of vintages at superstar wineries including Saltram, Annie's Lane, Brokenwood and Pepperjack… the list goes on and on.

Along the the journey, she has notched up 100 Trophies and 500 Gold medals nationally and internationally.

Based in the heart of Australia's most prolific wine region, Caroline lives and breathes wine. New world winemaking, ancient soils, premium fruit...all roads lead to an amazing treat for Angels!

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