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Young up and coming winemaker, with sustainability his major drive

    • Ben Gould is a winemaker from WA with 18 vintages under his belt. He started in the vineyard and has done every level of job there is.
    • Named in the Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine in the best of the best for 2011, and Gourmet Traveller class of 2011 Top Ten. Max Allen went on to review Ben's wines as "... released a swag of wines that blew me away".
    •  His wines are sourced from both his own vineyards and conventional vineyards across Western Australia. His recent vineyard purchase in Margaret River was with Angel help and it is in the process of becoming certified organic!

Map of the Vineyard

Meet Ben Gould

Ben is a qualified winemaker of 18 vintages but started in the vineyard and has done every level of job there is!

One day Ben received a call from his dad who had bought a vineyard and needed a hand. From there they built a winery and hired winemakers whom Ben worked under. It was all amazing to Ben so he signed up to Uni to learn more, and off he went.

His home vineyard is sustainably managed and the wines made with minimal additives. This philosophy spills over into the decision making on what grapes they buy in. It is Ben's way of trying to truly express the vineyard and the year. The vineyard is more important to him than the winemaking.

Naked Wines will help Ben and his family to their next step. The costs involved in running vineyards are substantial. Angel funding helps this process along and allows Ben to have the backing to do it. It will help buy barrels, tanks and the winery (ahem, shed). "We can deliver amazing value and delicious wines because we have the backing to do it and the customer base to enjoy it".

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