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Naked's first fully certified organic winemaker!

    • Born and bred in the Upper Hunter Valley, Ash worked in local vineyards while helping to establish his Family Vineyard.
    • He's one of the most passionate people we've ever met! When asked what he loved most about his job, his answer was "Everything! I love the action during vintage and the progression of grapes becoming a bottle to enjoy. I love the diversity and the abstract thinking you can put into creating a wine product. I also love the diversity of the people that work in the industry and how winemaking makes me feel complete in my life".
    • Ash's grapes are from organic vineyards and are made using fully certified organic practices.

Ashley's story


Ashley was born and bred in the Upper Hunter Valley and started a traineeship with Rosemount Estate at the age of 18.  After honing his skills there for four years, he left to experience other wine regions. Ash completed vintages at Penfolds SA, Kamberra Estate ACT, Brands of Coonawarra SA and Saint Clair NZ before returning to his home.

Ash experienced a number of different trades along the way but found himself always returning to where he felt most at home - the winery!  Eventually, he realised he had a passion and skill for winemaking and decided to follow the wine gods. His father established vineyards and Ash could see a great opportunity and lifestyle in front of him.

In 2010, Ash created the first wine off the Family vineyard and won a gold medal for it. His ultimate goal for the family vineyard is to make and sell wine from the entire property under the Horner wines label. Thanks to our Angels, Ash is able to do that today!

Despite his love for everything the winery involves, Ash does have a favourite varietal.  He loves the diversity and creative potential of Chardonnay. It is a grape that can handle a lot of different techniques and provides an ongoing challenge.  Overall he just loves making wine!

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