Naked Winemaker

Adam Barton

Hugely talented winemaker from the Clare Valley


Adam's Wines

  • Australia
  • 21 wines
  • 6 styles
  • 5× crisp whites
  • 1× rich white
  • 10× big reds
  • 1× fruity red
  • 2× smooth reds
  • 1× rosé
    • Adam Barton began his winemaking journey largely as a result of tasting a glass of the 1965 Lindemans Hunter River Burgundy, which he described as "magic". He was already a master craftsman when we found him, creating tiny amounts of his own premium label wines and winning big at the wine shows. 
    • Based in the Clare Valley, Adam has the freedom to explore different variteals and keep pushing the boundaries of experimentation to the delight of Angels' taste buds. We knew from the start he was a wine genius and Angels would love him!
    • Adam's Rabbit & Spaghetti range of wines are snapped up by Angels, year in, year out. Carefully selected vineyards, passionate grower partners & lots of care and attention to the smallest detail in the winery make them an amazingly good drop.

Adam's Activity