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West Australian legend, man behind Devils Lair, Voyager Estate and Stella Bella just to name a few

    • Meet Stuart.... Born in Perth, Stuart has been making wine for 31 years. He is a legend and the man behind Devil's Lair, Voyager Estate and Stella Bella just to name a few.
    • Stuart has made wines in the Yarra Valley, Geelong and Bordeaux. He also undertook a study trip to Tuscany and Piedmonte, Burgundy and the Loire as well as Rioja and Priorat. So you could say he has a fair bit of experience.
    • His label, 'Hearts and Bones' celebrate the release of the creative spirit from the constraints of the day to day reality. It is with the support of the Angels that this burst of vinous creativity is able to happen.

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Stuart's story


Stuart was born in Perth and began his winemaking career in 1983 in the family winery. He had a five year stint making beer with Matilda Bay Brewing Company but returned to winemaking in 1991.

Stuart's range of winery experience is incredible. He honed his craft at Voyager Estate for 8 years, then moved on to Devil's Lair and finally to Stella Bella.

Stuart and his partner started both the Suckfizzle and Stella Bella brands. This started as a weekend hobby, then quickly grew to being one of WA's most popular wine brands. It did however further remove him from the actual making of wine.

He is now looking to the future and Naked Wines is apart of that... Angels allow him to get back to what he got in to the industry for, to make wines. Growing grapes and making wine is something Stuart is very passionate about, and something he spends most of his time pursuing.

Stuart is excited and enthusiastic to be getting back in to the grunt work.

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