Naked Winemaker

Kym Carr

Chosen by Angels to get back into the winemaking game after a 5 year break


Kym's Wines

  • Australia
  • 5 wines
  • 4 styles
  • 2× crisp whites
  • 1× big red
  • 1× smooth red
  • 1× sparkling
    • In 2015, we put the power in your hands to vote for the first ever Angel chosen winemaker. It took just 4 hours and 16 minutes for Angels to give Kym Carr the thumbs up.
    • Kym's story was one of incredible talent, utter heartbreak and unwavering determination... As a young winemaker, Kym had a winemaking world at her feet. She was winemaking for award-winning wineries Vasse Felix and Deep Woods Estate, leading to a nomination for young winemaker of the year in 2006.
    • A few years later, Kym's life was monumentally changed by the passing of her younger sister. Her sister's final wish was that she carry on with life, making the most of each day by working towards her passion.
    • Now a mother of two, Kym reached out to Naked as she still harboured dreams of jumping back into the wine game to create her own boutique label, packed with unique wines that are happily just a little far left of field for the big wineries.

Kym's Activity